Our Work

What we do

We provide every pupil in selected schools in disadvantaged area with, enticing, illustrated non-fiction books that fit into the national curriculum. Teachers can include them in their lesson planning, and offer something more to children deprived of educational resource.

When those books are taken home, they're a powerful reminder of endless opportunity. By seeing other people's real achievements, children are inspired to start their own journey.

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Zepplin and clouds

How We Do It

We deliver non-fiction books to all children in Key Stage 2 and everyone is included.

We provide motivational presentations and follow-up material to schools. We give each child a selected book, meaning it’s theirs to own and take home.

 We support the school community to convert the donated book into a wider experience, engaging the child and demonstrating the power of books.

We engage with parents and guardians to show the importance of books and provide them with support and guidance on encouraging reading around subjects a child is interested in.

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Books were my pass to personal freedom. I learned to read at age three, and there discovered was a whole world to conquer that went beyond our farm in Mississipi.

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Why we do it

Rocket Ahead has been established to help children see beyond the life they’ve experienced so far and we believe that by introducing children to different subjects through non-fiction their worlds will expand.

Books work harder
at home

It’s been proven time and again that when children have books at home, they’re more likely to thrive, regardless of their social or economic situation. Nurturing a love of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child, but not all parents have the ability to do so.  The barriers maybe the cost of books, stressful domestic situations or
low adult literacy levels.

We are helping to overcome these barriers by ensuring there’s equal access to books and inspiring parents and caregivers on how they can support their child with books. We know books are far more meaningful and desirable for a child if they own them and they are new and current. 

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